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What's in your Surf Bag? As a surfer, we all love to travel and surf! Surf Mei Mei share what's in our surf bag for you to pack well!


What’s in your Surf Bag?

Winter is here.  Many of us are escaping the cold winter and traveling to warmer climates to surf.

I asked Surf Mei Mei, PK, what’s in her day trip surf bag in Hong Kong over winter and also showed off what’s  in my day bag when surfing in Rincon, Puerto Rico. We came up with two bags of tricks for those of us who are traveling to different climates:

What's in your Surf Bag?

Hong Kong: average air temperature in January: 15C/59F;  average water temperature in January is about 17C/62F.  Wetsuit recommendation: 4/3 for girls.

What's in your Surf Bag?

Puerto Rico: average air temperature in January is 26C/ 81F, average water temperature in January is 28C/ 82F. Air temperature drops during early mornings. 2mm wetsuit is recommended for girls during dawn patrol.

What’s in your bag? :)