Review Surf Bikini: Kea Gear

Type: Two piece Surf Specific Bikini

Brand: Kea Gear

Kea Gear is a surf-specific urban swimwear from New York City designer Patricia Kwok.  As a former designer for Tory Burch, Patricia, started Kea Gear as an expression of her love for surfing. She wanted to showcase her personal design style combing the worlds of the high fashion and surfing.

Her concept for this high-designed swimwear began when Patricia started surfing in New York City.  Her daily routine was to wake up early morning before dawn, catch a train to Long Beach, NY, surfs the sunrise, and then take the train back to the city to work.

She is an urban surfer who understood a woman’s demands for a well-designed bikini that had both simplicity and performance. High fashion and functionality are the keys for this New York surf specific swimwear, Kea Gear.


Style:  Wategos Bikini Top and Bottom

Look: Elegant. This swimwear is sporty, yet sexy. New York City streamlined is the signature look of this Wategos Beach inspired bikini set. Moderate coverage on tush with cleavage on top! Great for any water sports and big wave surf tested!


$85 for Wategos Bikini Top

$75 for Wategos Bikini Bottom


80% Polyamide

20% Elastane


*Fully lined for the top and bottom. 

*Surf specific, athletic fit

*Bikini Top: Racerback design, the top has removable cup and full lining for support. The front U shape design creates compression and cleavage.

*Bikini bottom: It has a reinforced compassion waistband allowing the bottom to stay on while making the abs looks toned and sexy! It has a reinforced lining, and can withstand big wave surfing.

*Moderate coverage on bottom

*4 different color designs to mix and match any personality or beach attire. 

*Ultra Chlorine resistant

*Designed for all ages


The bikini top cupping might move when washing, but this can be easily replaced and fixed.


Surf Mei Mei loves this Kea Gears Wategos Bikini set. It is sporty yet elegantly designed with full coverage.  The design itself gives a womans body a slender look, great for all kinds of sports.  It is great for all ages. We tested it in RADIANCE / TITANIUM colors, and it is an eye-catcher and conversation starter!  We tried it in overhead size surfing in Puerto Rico and it stays on and is super comfortable! A must buy!



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