The Rolls-Royce of wet suits

Two California natives, Matt Larson and John Campbell, founded Matuse. These men have a passion for water, design, and philosophy. 

Despite the high cost of using Japanese high-tech geoprene rubber from Yamamoto Corp, the duo have the passion to make the Rolls-Royce of wet suits.  Matuse was inspired from various creative concepts ranging from aerospace suits to Chinese Ancient I-Ching philosophy.  Ichiban is the companys motto, as it means the bestin Japanese.  

The brands philosophy is, “To make product ichiban (the best) by creating function-first, solution-specific innovations; to educate by telling a story, and to enhance cultural and environmental awareness.


LOOK: Contrast Stitch (CS) geoprene wetsuit that is thin, functional and stylish. The product is used for surfing/water sports in water temperature ranging from 50 to 60 Fahrenheit.

PRICE: $420

MATERIALS: 100% Geoprene (made from Limestones)

* 98% Water Impermeable – Geoprene, which is made from limestone, is 98% water impermeable in comparison to petroleum-based neoprene which is only 65% water impermeable.
* Low Water Absorption – Geoprene absorbs close to water at all, therefore, you will notice a significant difference when you are in the water and get out of water.petroleum-based neoprene which is only 65% water impermeable.

* Superior Insulation: Geoprene is designed that every cell completely independent of the others.  When one cell is damaged, it will have no affect on the others which means there is no reduction in the insulation.  In contrast, you will notice that if you damage your neoprene wetsuit in anyway, the suit is pretty much damaged for good.

*Flexibility: Geoprene has a maximum elongation of 480-530%, greater than that found in human skin.

*Environmental Friendly: Neoprene is made of petroleum, Geoprene is made out of limestone.


50°-60° Fahrenheit. 10°-16° Celcius.

Late Fall and early Spring suit


Flexible Design of Matuse for surfing in Morocco or some yoga


*CONTRAST STITCH (CS): Blue Stich makes this suit very stylish.

*Smooth-Skin look:  With titanium coating on the chest and back, the suit is not only stylish, but also provides better insulation and wind protection.

*Thin Design: the wetsuit is ultra thin compared to other brands. This is due to its Geoprene strategic paneling.  It is not bulky and provides flexibility when paddling.

*Water Resistance:  With its hydra-suede nylon design, it allows the wetsuit to be silky and smooth with water resistant quality and flexibility.

*It has a long john component where you put on the vest first before arms. This provides stability and better fitting

*Once fitted on the body, the Matuse wetsuit can be worn the whole day.

*The design is very stylish and flattering on the body

*The suit is very environmentally friendly: Geoprene is made out of limestone.


*Cost: $420 is a lot higher than the average 4/3 wetsuits (A typical 4/3 is about $250). This suit was originally priced more than $500!

*Because it is best to buy a very fitted Matuse wetsuit, it can be uncomfortable on first wearing.

*Also, fitting needs to be very well placed on every part of the body to have the best result and comfort.

*The special geoprene and titanium coating make the suit more air-tide, however, it also makes it harder on fingers when attempting to surf with the suit everyday.  Skin has been known to peel from pulling the suit on and off.  Wearing a wet geoprene is not a good idea.

*The extra long john part can be confusing to put on, especially when you forget that you need to put on the vest first.

*The wetsuit is flexible, however, because it is a lot more air-tide than its cheaper competitors, it takes more time to take on and off.

*The inside seams/glue has already started coming out after the first surf.


Stylish lining, subtle and beautiful


Surf Mei Mei adores D’ARC 4/3MM FULL SUIT-CS from Matuse.  It is a stylish and functional wetsuit for water temperature between 50 to 60 F.  It is very thin and makes us feel like we are Ninjas when wearing it.

Just remember the following:

*Purchase a very well-fitted suit, and make sure knee to butt, elbow to shoulder placements are 100% fitted and comfortable. 

* On the hands and legs, Matuse has extra water tiding design, therefore, please make sure you adjust the length of your suit from your under armpit/shoulder to elbow, and crotch to knee. (After a few surfing session, the material will glue on your body and will be very comfortable)

*When wearing Matuse wet, make sure to pull the suit gently to avoid any friction with your fingers.

*You can always send the suit back to Matuse in California for any repairs or alternations.

Summary: Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSurf Mei Mei Review Indicator 

StyleSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_small Beautiful blue CONTRAST STITCH (CS) is subtle yet stylish

SizeSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSize runs perfect fit. Please make sure you try on the suit before you buy it 

MaterialsSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallGeoprene, Environmental friendlier than the typical neoprene and also top quality of rubber 

DurabilitySqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallStitches are falling out after multiple uses. The price doesn’t reflect the durability. 

SeasonSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallGreat for Fall and Spring, water temperature around 60 to 50 F.

Price — Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallTop $$$ for wetsuit, but it is worth it if you want better materials, flexiablity, and design

Sun ProtectionSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallYes!


Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallLOVE IT

Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallGood Product

Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallWorth the money!


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