France Luxury Retreat: Biarritz Surfing Culture and Cuisine May 2015

Love French culture, food and people and want to experience the local luxury surfing lifestyle there?

Come to Biarritz, France with Surf Mei Mei in May, 2015

Biarrtiz France Luxury Retreat: French Culture Surfing and Cuisine May 2015

“ Despite living on the borders of both France and Spain, the Basques have their own character and outlook, different from the French and the Spanish… Travellers cannot fail to note the difference between the cheerful serenity of the Basques and the seriousness of the Castilians, their neighbours.” –F. H. A. HUMBOLDT

Where: Biarritz, France, with French Surfing, Culture and Cuisine Tours

Date: May 19 to 24, 2015 (before American Memorial Day)

Accommodation:  Sofitel Barritz Hotel (5 Stars)

Sofitel is right next to the famous surfing beach La Grande Plage and many culture/architecture/shopping destination

Program: Surfing, food, cultural tour! With options of daily yoga, spa and many French fun!  

Breakfast, 2 Cultural Tours, Daily surfing lessons and equipments are included!

Biarritz is the luxury beach town of Basque Country, where many Parisian and Europeans come to escape the cities’ sweltering summer.  Located next to the Bay of Biscay, the Southwestern coast of France is known to be the origin of European surfing. Along with its long history as a fishing town, Biarritz is also know for it’s many surf breaks within walking distance, historical architecture and water sporting events.
Surf Mei Mei Biarritz Surfing, Culture and Cuisine Tours are designated in May, when this Basque Country just began to heat up its popular season.  With comfortable temperature and easy rolling wave, May is one of the best time to visit this French coast.
For more about Biarritz, France, check out Surf Mei Mei Surf Travel : 48 Hours Surfing at Biarritz France
Air temperature will be in a comfortable High 60s up to 70s of early summer weather.   
Water temperature is about 60s, 3/2 to spring suit will easily warm you up while surfing.
Surfing: Surf Mei Mei Partners up with Biarritz’ local professional surf guide/school to provide our client the best service.  
Surfing lesson  once per day, and free surf as many times as you’d like.  Surfboards and wetsuit are provided. 
Tours: Basque Village Tour, Biarritz Architecture Tour,  French Coast Seafood Tour (other tours, such as wine tasting, and sporting events can be added)
Accommodation: Hotel Sofitel Biarritz le Miramar Thalassa Sea & Spa
5 Star Spa hotel located right next to the famous Grande Plage with award-winning spa options.
Breakfast included
Cost: $3,500 for the luxury travel at French Basque Country side with Surfing, Cultural Tour and Cuisine retreat
This Biarritz trip, come solo or with friends, you will have many group activities and also free time to explore this beautiful seaside town.  Friendly locals and incredible scenery make this Biarritz trip amazing with Surf Mei Mei Travel! 
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Biarrtiz France Luxury Retreat: French Culture Surfing and Cuisine May 2015