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We build harmonious communities, provide best quality services, such as retreats and job opportunities for like-minded mermaids who is serious about maintaining a happy and salty life.

Surf Mei Mei means surf sister in Chinese. This lifestyle publication is created by 2 friends, PK and KL, who met while surfing in New York City, USA.  Since then,  SMM expanded the capacity of  for our readers/ communities, to showcase amazing articles on adventurous and inspiring topics and stories from our fascinating team of contributors who all believe in Surf Mei Mei; to provide fun and life changing retreats/getaways to improve quality of women’ lives; and to share marvelous surfing/yoga related products and services for our SMM community to enjoy adventurous life even better.

We journal inspiring stories of people who are creating positive change in this world.

Our goal is to connect, share and learn from those who are in pursuit of a lifestyle focusing around surf, adventure, fun and wellness together.

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smm_kellyrussellKelly Russell is a freelancer writer living in New York. She has contributed to magazines such as Elephant Journal and The Inertia. She was a contributing author to the anthology Somebody’s Child, published by Touchwood Editions. She holds a Master’s degree from Hofstra University in Literacy and currently works as a Reading Specialist in Westhampton Beach. When not working or writing, she can be found hunting for swell both locally and abroad, practicing yoga, hiking mountains, and raising her two beautiful children to believe in magic, poems, and the ocean. 

Kelly contributes life style sections at, such as Chat and Surf Travel at


Christine Simko surfs, snowboards, hikes, and considers herself a TED Talk-obsessed-adventure-seeking-foodie-extraordinaire, who can often be overheard passionately voicing that she “can make that”. Christine has a particular fondness for spending as many waking hours as possible outside. Christine strives to leads a healthy, active, stoke-soaked lifestyle while striving to help others feel equally inspired along the way. As the tough-girl, adrenaline-junkie that she is, it makes sense that Christine believes “everything you’ve ever wanted lies on the other side of fear”, an idea meaning complete awesomeness already lies within us and the only way to answer that call is to simply muster the courage to giddy-up and get out there.

Christine contributes Well-Being and How to sections at


smm_maryMonrenoMary Moreno is a medical doctor, artist and writer currently living in Oakland, California. She is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she was raised on good cooking and Mardi Gras. Her collegiate education took her West to the University of Southern California where she double-majored in film and biomedical engineering. Mary remained a Trojan for her medical degree and trained in New Hampshire at Dartmouth for family medicine.  “Life has been good,” Mary has said, and, certainly it has. Mary skateboards, has worked in television, delivered babies in Africa, driven across the country multiple times, built houses in Portugal and Nicaragua, completed several marathons and contributes to regularly. When she is not traveling the world for humanitarian purposes, she is traveling the world to surf for Surf Mei Mei. “I’m proud to be a part of Surf Mei Mei. It is always demonstrating a powerful message of empowerment, self-love, health and wellness.. and to finding your bliss!”
Mary contributes Chat and creative/artistic related work with Surf Mei Mei


Chief Editor: 


Kelly Lin is a blogger, entrepreneur and serial “life adventurer.”  She believes outdoor adventure, such as surfing, can empower and elevate women’s body, mind and soul.  Kelly battled an immune disease and overcoming it with her mental power and passion for surfing, yoga and traveling. Lin believes passion means pursuing life-long success and happiness. She gave up her corporate career as an architect/developer to pursue her mission and love in life.  Kelly envisions can empower women by sharing stories and connecting like-minded soul sisters together with a common goal–to be happy, adventurous and fulfilled with their body, mind and soul.

Kelly’s current obsessions are adventure traveling, helping others and learning life via She is also a Branding Specialist for athletic brands, and Life/Sports Coach helping others embrace their true happiness and ability through self-love.  You can contact Kelly via or

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