Review: Lala Awa Blam for Pain Relief


Review: Lala Awa Blam for Pain Relief

Type: Topical Healing Ointment

Brand: Lala Nani Organic Skincare

Creator Stephanie grew up in Oahu, Hawaii. Her love for surfing, fashion and beauty inspired her to create, Lala Nani, an environmentally friendly line of skincare for surfers to have healthy skin.

Product: Awa Balm

(For external use only)

Price: $25

Function: An organic balm that has powerful pain-relieving properties that works quickly to relax muscles, reduce aches and inflammations.

How To:  Apply thick layers on top of problem area.  Massage and re-apply if needed.

Infused with organic and raw ingredients, for a potent yet gentle formula that includes Hawaiian beeswax, coconut oil, grape seed oil, kava root, clove, ginger root and vitamin E.

Instant pain relief
100% natural organic ingredients
Repeated application ok
Therapeutic scent
No Dyes
No Artificial Fragrances
No Parabens
Locally made in Oahu

The texture can be too solid for easy application
Cannot be purchased easily
Avoid during pregnancy

Surfmeimei highly recommends this ointment after our multiple tests. Surf Mei Mei, KL, was suffering from shoulder and neck injury due to wearing 5mm winter wetsuit to surf in cold east coast water. Her neck and shoulder were constantly sore. She tried massages and numerous topical ointments to little avail. Since discovering Lala Nani’s Awa Balm at a farmer’s market in Oahu, her shoulders and neck are feeling much better. KL’s verdict: MAGIC!

SUMMARY    Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_small
Easy to use topical pain relieve ointment
Material – 100% organic natural ingredients
Care – apply a thick layer to the problem area, reapply as needed
Size – 1 oz travel size only
Surfing – great for surfers and other athletes
Suitable – relieves aches, inflammations and soreness

Review: Lala Awa Blam for Pain Relief
Where to buy?
Lalanani’s website, Waimea Valley Farmer’s Market & Sunset Beach Elementary school Farmer’s Market in Oahu, Hawaii

Surf Mei Mei also carries this magical product.  We only give you the best after we try each product!


Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallLOVE IT

Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallGood Product

Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallWorth the money!