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Smoothie: Making a Green Monster. Want to feel better body and mind? This smoothie will be a great way to start!


Smoothie: Making a Green Monster

There are endless ways to make a delicious smoothie. At Surf Mei Mei, we prefer nutritious smoothies that are filled with natural goodness. As a breakfast smoothie or a post-workout snack, the following recipe will definitely energize you and replenish much needed nutrients in your body!

Smoothie: Making a Green MonsterIngredients:

   1 x young thai coconut

   1 x banana

   1/2 x ripe avocado

   1 tsp dried spirulina powder

   1 tsp maca powder

   1 tbsp psyllium husk

   A few goji berries

   Blend until smooth then enjoy!

How to open a coconut: 

Smoothie: Making a Green Monster
1. Remove excess fibre off the young thai coconut by cutting it off with a chopping knife

   2. Eventually, you will be have pared it down to the shell and the tip will have to be shaved off

   3. When you have shaved off enough, the coconut meat will start to show

   4. Just pop it with the bottom point of your knife to pierce through the top

   5. Pour into the blender

How to crack open a coconut:

Smoothie: Making a Green Monster

   Using the back edge of a knife (the dull side), knock on the coconut with firm but controlled force

   Make sure you are hitting the coconut’s shell horizontally (ie knife should not be facing the top or bottom)

   As you hit it, the coconut will at some point magically split in half

   Scoop the fresh coconut meat out and place in blender

   I added some bee pollen as an additional immune booster in the end but like always improvise as you wish

Superfood supplements & their nutritional facts*: 

Dried Spirulina Powder – derived from blue-green algae.

High in protein (builds muscle mass), iron (builds a strong system), b-12 (healthy nerves & tissue), beta carotene (healthy vision) 

Maca Powder – derived from Maca root which is from Peru.

Enhances energy and stamina.

Bee Pollen  – pollen collected on the bodies of bees.

Strengthens immune system, combats fatigue and has an antimicrobial effect.

Note: some people may be allergic to bee pollen so try a small amount to see if any reactions occur.

Goji Berries (wolfberries) –  derived from a plant in Asia.

Promotes proper cell growth, increases energy level and contains antioxidant considered to ward off a lot of diseases.

Psyllium Husk – from the husk of  a plantain seed.

Improves digestion and cleanses the system.

*Information obtained from Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch and herbwisdom.com

Smoothie: Making a Green Monster