Spiritual: Letting it go in Bali Rain

I planned a trip to Bali where I would stay for a month, hike mountains, visit beaches and write the first draft of my first book. My plan seemed flawless, easy and exciting. I had been to Bali previously and enjoyed the immense sunshine, balmy air and the lovely Balinese people. As the plane flew over the waves onto the runway and landed me in my home of adventure for the next month, I felt the familiar spark of excitement that travel always provides.

IMG_9801The first day back was lovely and it was nice to see the people and places I became fond of on my previous trip. I settled into my Balinese home and relaxed after a long flight. Plans were tentatively made for the month and I couldn’t wait to start the adventures. The next morning, I woke up to a rain storm which put some of the plans on hold. The rain fell and fell and fell. In fact, most of my trip was rainy and muddy. I was not a fan of the rain as it causes me to stay inside. The skies were heavy with clouds, gray and soon my soul became affected by the weather.

IMG_9781I had felt this way before when I lived in Seattle. It was explained to me as Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, or SAD. That was a dark period in my life and reminders of that time blossomed in Bali as I fell into a sad state. To top it off, I had received some very devastating news from back home and a rash from bug repellant all within my first week. I was depressed, upset and uncomfortable in paradise.

Until one day, I let it all go. The rain was especially heavy that day and the raindrops looked unusually large to me. I went outside and sat down and just allowed the rain to do what it does naturally and replenish. And it did just that. My soul became replenished like dry land and a smile and then laughter emerged from deep within me. I sat there, getting drenched and laughing. Puddles were forming at my feet and my hair and clothes were soaked. I had the urge to jump in the pool and started swimming back-floats allowing the rain to wash away all my pain, sadness and discomfort.

IMG_9782The next day, the rain had died down for the afternoon and I noticed a water lily had emerged in the garden. Water lilys are symbols of grace, growing from the mud to reveal a beautiful bloom. In order to blossom, they must endure a wet and muddy environment. I had spent two weeks in the rain and mud upset and uncomfortable until I fully embraced my surroundings. Then, I was able to learn the lesson and bloom through the discomfort.

That was a turning point for me. I had wanted so much to control my surroundings. When all along, the universe knew I needed these exact elements to learn the joy in letting go and the gift of grace. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, I remember the day when I sat and then swam in the rain and the beautiful symbol of the newly emerged water lily. Learning to grow through discomfort has opened my eyes to the perfect timing the universe has for everything. Without this lesson, I would not be following my bliss. Let go and wonderful things will be revealed.



Who is Emily Silva? A gypsy soul, spiritual life coach and writer.

Where is her favorite travel destination? Costa Rica. Beaches, jungles, wildlife and beautiful friendly people…doesn’t get any better than that!

Where is her dream destination? Africa. I dream of Morocco and Cape Town often.

Motto in life? Never say Never. You never know what can happen…most of the time its awesome!

Emily specializes in life coaching from a spiritual level with focus on intentional living and creative expression. She helps people with career transitions, life goals and developing their intuition.  For her spiritual blog and life coaching, go to  www.soulsadventures.com


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