Review: Surf Mud from EiR NYC

Surf Mei Mei stumbled upon EiR NYC skincare while checking out one of my favorite female surfer, Kassia Meador, on Instagram.  Ms. Meador posted a soulful picture of a beach scene with surfers in the background with EiR NYC products beautifully displayed. Soon after, I contacted Jun Lee, the founder of EiR NYC, the day before my surfing trip to Costa Rica.  

Review: Surf Mud from EiR NYC

Jun Lee, the founder of EiR NYC, grew up as a competitive athlete who participated in Thai boxing, motocross, and surfing.  She knows exactly what active people need.  As tomboy as she might sound, she is a girlie girl with colorful, yet, simple style in person.  During our short meet-up, she briefly talked about herself, her products and future of the brand.  The most important thing for me to hear was, “you will love my Surf Mud (sunscreen).”And so I did.  

I have extremely sensitive skin.  I am one of those people who will wear a hat while surfing but still get an allergic reaction. I brought Surf Mud to Costa Rica and tried it out under their strong sun.  Surf Mud is a whipped sunscreen which feels light on application and makes my skin feel very soft.  Under Jun’s instruction, I also used it for my hands and parts of my body that are more sensitive to the sun, including my hair.  


EiR NYC Surf Mud and Balancing Butter. Both perfect for East Coast year round cold water condition (beside August).


Surf Mud from EiR NYC

Type: Skin Care/ Sunscreen

Brand: EiR NYC (pronounce as “air”) is an organic skincare line made in Brooklyn, New York.  With wholesome and all natural ingredients such as coconut oil, EiR NYC is great for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities and extreme sports.  While each product delivers great results on our skin, the approach behind EiR NYC is simplicity: fine and simple ingredients for skin to ‘eat’and absorb, just like how fine and wholesome food does to our digestive system.  Following Ancient Asian herbal mixology for our skin, EiR NYC keeps its ingredients simple, top quality and effectively protecting our skin for our active lifestyle.

Look:  With Jun’s art & design background as an art gallery curator, the package of EiR NYC is another selling point for a design junkie like myself.  Simple tin package with colorful tape wrapping around; each EiR NYC product comes with a canvas bag and two tiny rectangular cards to explain its ingredients and showcase its clean logo design.  

Price: $20

Ingredients: coconut oil, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, beeswax, tea tree oil and zinc oxide 

Cocoa powder is known for it’s high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to promote healthy skin tissue. Surf Mud is super hydrating while tea tree helps prevent breakouts.

Function: SPF 30 sunscreen, 60 minutes sweat resistant 

How To: Keep Surf Mud in shady area.  Scoop the cream on your finger tip and spread through out your face, hair and other parts of your body as desire. Re-apply after 45 to 60 minutes if it is needed. Wash it off after surf or the end of the day as usual.  


Feel_Smooth texture 

Smell_Cocoa powder makes the sunscreen smell very yummy

Look_Surf Mud makes my skin looks healthier after use

Great for cold water surfing


The whipped butter texture will melt in extreme heat which tends to make the sunscreen a bit greasy 

Review: Surf Mud from EiR NYC

An urban warrior like Surf Mei Mei? Surf Mud sunscreen from EiR NYC skincare is perfect for mild weather use, such as, San Francisco, Biarritz, Montauk, Tofino, Taghazout, NYC and other surf spots. Photo: Stanton Stephens (



Have I mentioned that I have sensitive skin? This product makes my skin feel great and I feel awesome because of the smell of cocoa powder!  I did not get an allergic reaction nor sun burnt while I tried it in Costa Rica (warm water), Montauk (cold water), NY and Santa Cruz (cool water), California.  The only thing that I need to pay attention is when using Surf Mud in hot climate, I needed to put it in a shady area, better yet, in the fridge to keep its ideal texture!

Where to Buy

Most of NY surf shops & EiR NYC Online Shop


Style – simplicity package with functional design

Ingredient– (all organic) coconut oil, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, beeswax, tea tree oil and zinc oxide

Size – smaller than palm, total 2 oz of goodness 

Coverage – anywhere but the eyes and do not eat it!

Sunbathing – Yes

Surfing – Yes

UV protection – FOR SURE

All images are originated by Surf Mei Mei & Stanton Stephens
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Review: Surf Mud from EiR NYC