Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD + YOGA Retreat at Crete Island

Yes, you heard it right.  Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD + YOGA retreat is not the typical tourist food tour.  Ask your Mediterranean friends and family: where is the best place to get the most authentic food at their home town? Often the answer is: In someone’s kitchen, freshly made by a mom or grandma or whoever is in charge of cooking in the family.

SurfMeiMei’s latest adventure retreat is all about the very best food made right in front of you, by Greek moms and grandmas inside the very best local Greek kitchens! You get to eat the freshest, organic and locally made meals and learn how to cook them by experiencing how the locals do it, first hand!

Selfie stick?  No need! We got the famous Cretan photographer, Emmanuel Angelakis, who is also our local tour guide to take professional photography for each one of us!  Why not make your trip even more memorable via beautiful professional photography!

If you want to travel, why not do a real authentic adventure with the true locals?!

Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD + YOGA Retreat

Photo taken by our famous Greek photographer and local guide, Emmanuel Angelakis, at a Cretan moutain drive

Crete has an ancient history:  It was the center of Minoan civilization which is one of the earliest civilization’s recorded in the world. With a total area of 8,336 square-kilometers, it is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is mountainous and has natural harbors.

Cretan cuisine is renowned both in Greece and internationally for its unique ingredients and flavors. According to, based on the simple Cretan techniques, it is the variety of local produce that distinguishes the dishes: mountain herbs and greens, bulbs, unique cheeses, fresh fish, the famous Cretan oil, and raki a bracing grape brandy.

And it is the unique Cretan food making Surf Mei Mei’s 2016 fall retreat possible for you!

Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD and YOGA Retreat

Not-Your-Typical-Cooking-Tour with SMM Adventure Travel

We have partnered up with Cretan locals who will be taking us around the island and showing us how Greeks live and enjoy theirs live since ancient times!  There will be daily activities like sailing, hiking, local winery tours, horse backing riding and yummy authentic Crete cuisine, made by Greek moms!

Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD and YOGA Retreat

Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days

Location: Crete, the largest and most diversified island of Greece.

Accommodations: Beachfront Hotel right on the beach with Ocean view and Swimming Pool in one of the most popular towns.  Shopping, restaurants, grocery stores and all amenities can be found within 5 to 15 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Surf Mei Mei likes to travel and all kinds of adventure. Besides the typical sightseeing  (like Anthony Bourdain says), the best way to understand a different culture is by doing what the locals do and eat!  The best food we have found, at this beautiful and cultured Mediterranean island, is made by the mothers of our local friends!


Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD and YOGA Retreat

Imagine You get to pick your own fresh oranges, tomatoes, artichokes, herbs and many other organic vegetables directly off a Greek mountain; search for the freshest fish right off a fishing boat; the sweetness from freshly made Cretan olive oil (claimed to be best of the world!); and yummy greek cheese made in a local backyard, just for you!

We got grandmas from different regions of the island to cook for us and we will eat Cretan style, like a family! Sip on the famous local brandy, Tsikoudia, over amazing food and chat with our local hosts!  Come along, as most of us are single and happy travelers, or even invite a friend/family!


Yoga every day! And we will explore the island with locals doing possible fun activities, including:  Hiking, Exploring small towns, Beach time, Sailing, Jet-sking, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, Wine Tasting, Cretan Brandy, (Tsikoudia) Tasting, and, most importantly, hanging out and learning how to cook with local Moms and Grandmas and understand Greek culture and lifestyle via good food, amazing local wine and fun, local friends with Surf Mei Mei! Email us for more daily schedule details.

Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD and YOGA Retreat

Date: September 18 to 24, 2016

Total includes beachfront accommodations + most meals + scheduled activities + local transportation with scheduled activities

$2,499 (double occupancy) sign up before June 15, 2016

$2,699 (double occupancy) regular rate after June 15, 2016

*cost total does not include airfare, or gratuity. Everyone is free to dine at a restaurant of their choice in one historical Crete fishing town and one peaceful beach town.

Availability:  We have not even started promoting this amazing retreat, we have only a couple spaces left! This is a popular tour, so contact us now and book it now.   We have a really great fun and friendly lineup of Surf Mei Mei staff and guests.  We are even considering to open a 2nd retreat! Book now!

Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD and YOGA Retreat

Visiting Greece Now:

The best time to visit Greece is early summer and early fall. In September, the weather is very pleasant (76 F during the day and 60s F at night): Shorts, T-shirt or swimwear during the day and something a little more substantial to keep you comfortable in the cool breezes at night. Surf Mei Mei Adventure Travel would like to avoid the touristic season in the summer and the heat for an even better experience later in the season.   Also, we always support local businesses, as Greece is currently undergoing an economic downturn and needs great tourists like us to visit with style and respect for the local community. While there, we can learn about Greek culture and meet some great people and hopefully have some special times. Surf Mei Mei is all about helping local community!

Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD and YOGA Retreat

Surf Mei Mei Fund:

Surf Mei Mei is an online publication that promotes adventure, an active and healthy life style via a loving and supportive community. It’s also our goal to support those ones who are in need. For every 10 guests we have, Surf Mei Mei Adventure Travel would like to bring on one free guest who is in need of an adventure in life but currently can’t afford it.

To find our lucky adventurer, please suggest someone you know who is over 21, has a legit financial difficulty while still working hard to achieve her dreams while living a healthy life.  This person must be healthy enough to travel, must be positive and actively working towards a healthy and better life.  The more details you include about the suggested person the better. Please email details to

* Anyone with any restrictive illnesses and who needs to have a doctor’s approval to travel, please be advised that Surf Mei Mei is not responsible for any liability of the participates.

Anything else? SIGN UP NOW for the best discount!

Greece: Not-Your-Typical FOOD and YOGA Retreat

All Photos are provided by and Emmanuel Angelakis
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