Sirensong Wetsuit: Lives and Surf like a Siren


IMG_6993Jamie Defay Collins, owner and creator of Sirensong Wetsuits, is just that – a siren – standing at a statuesque 5’ 10” with legs and golden locks that go on for days. When asked how she started her business, Jamie muses and smiles softly. “I just wanted to make a wetsuit that I liked.”  The start of Jamie’s business goes back further from the day she first took a sewing needle to neoprene. The journey is one of the heart. Jamie was born and raised in Northern California.  Her mother taught her how to sew at an early age and she studied design at UC Davis. Five years ago, Jamie married the love of her life and moved to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. “And we’ve been on our honeymoon ever since.” It’s hard to deny that Jamie is living the dream… in a home across the street from North Shore’s famous ‘7-Mile Miracle’ of surf breaks. A brief tour of her home reveals that Jamie is not just a siren, but a siren who surfs. The garage is packed with every type of surfboard a respectable North Shore resident should have. Her workroom is lined with neoprene rolls, design sketches, threaded spools and bikinis cascading off the walls.

smm_interview_sirenson_jamie07After years of surfing, Jamie got frustrated with the limited selection of female wetsuits. “I love to surf. And I love to feel cute and feminine. I wanted a wetsuit that reflected that.” So Jamie started making wetsuits for herself. Then she made them for her friends. Then: “I’m excited – I’m in the process of finalizing handcraft manufacturers right now.” Sirensong Wetsuits are made from hand-painted, silk-screened and printed designs, unique contrasting fabrics and fun flirty styles. Sirensong Wetsuits are geared for warm climates and seasons. The neoprene ranges from 2mm to 3mm in thickness. Due to a high volume of requests from all over the world, Sirensong Wetsuits has partnered with two handcraft manufacturers. Each wetsuit is hand-painted and finished per each customer’s specifications. Colors, designs, fabrics, and other elements are customizable. Each wetsuit is a wearable, functional piece of art. The colorful wetsuits are fun and lithe – cut to fit the female figure and are extremely comfortable. Jamie tests the durability of her wetsuits daily on the North Shore’s green double overhead waves. Her weapon of choice: stand up paddle board. That’s right, Jamie uses a stand up paddle board to surf up double, sometimes triple overhead, North Shore waves.
smm_interview_sirenson_jamie08 If she could say one thing to all female surfers it would be: “Support each other! It doesn’t matter if you surf a short board, paddle board or boogie board. We all love the water and should encourage each other to do what we love.” So just how do you make a wetsuit? In Jamie’s case, the answer is one we could all learn for personal success: Do. Exactly. What. You. Love. For more information about Sirensong Wetsuits, go to Sirensong Wetsuits Surf Mei Mei review on Sirenson Wetsuits is coming soon!


Jamie (right), Sirensong Wetsuit, with Surf Mei Mei, KL (left) & Mary (not in the picture).


Mary Moreno is a medical doctor who works around the world, while currently calls Northern California home. She surfs and contributes her love and passion about ocean and helping others as a Surf Mei Mei.

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