Review: Neon Wetsuit

Type: Wetsuits (2 mm Spring Suits)

Brand: Neon Wetsuits

Review: Neon Wetsuit
 Spring suits for women and men, Neon Wetsuits focuses on  one piece and variation of shorty, short john and jane and tops for warmer water.  Manufactured in-house in Cornwall, England, Neon’s style is timeless and eye catching colors.   

Price: $150 to 200 for a set of wetsuit (top and short/ one piece)

Materials: 2mm neoprene 

2mm swimsuit made form the best super stretch, super soft double lined neoprene. All panels glued and blind stitched, side seams flat locked for strength. The deep ‘V’ at the front is mirrored down the back. – See more at:


  • comfortable and soft 2mm neoprene
  • beautiful design with retro color design
  • great for warm water surfing (up to high 60s fahrenheit/15s Celsius) late spring & early summer surfing/water sports
  • Does not stretch out after multiple uses
  • body fitting
  • custom-made
  • You can choose your own colors and style
  • you will be the only person who wear the same suit!


  • The black neoprene tone fakes after a few uses.
  • stitching
  • The suit tends to rise up when surfing rougher wave


Surf Mei Mei loves it because Neon Wetsuit always made me feel sexy and unique as the fitting is done customized and color/design are unique.   People always ask me where did I get the suit from every time I wear Neon.

Summary: Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_small

StyleSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallUnique and retro style


Surf-ability – Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallGood until riding strong and bigger wave.  Its top would rise up and the bottom roll down.


DurabilitySqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallThe seam starts to come apart after a few uses and the colors have faded after a season

SeasonSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallgreat for Early Summer and late Spring, warm weather to California fall weather

Sun ProtectionSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallYes

Review: Neon Wetsuit


Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallLOVE IT

Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallSqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallGood Product

Sqaure_SurfMeiMei_Logo_KL_smallWorth the money!


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