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Getting off the plane at the Aguadilla airport makes no sense.

After a 3-hour flight from JFK, we thought we’d arrive in a landscape similar to Florida.  But, no, Puerto Rico greets you with a warm salty breeze with luscious mountains set in the background.  The best part is we do not even need to bring our passports! It’s like the paradise island of Hawaii but much closer from the East Coast.

Since discovering this island, Surf Mei Mei have returned time and again mainly because of its proximity to the East Coast, its consistent waves and beautiful scenery.  However, some of the most remarkable things about this island are its authentic island atmosphere and dedicated surfers who reside in the North Coast.

Getting around

      • You will need a car to get around the island.

484799_4348290350688_1575041799_nYour GPS will work here, 80% of the time.

      • Ask around with a big smile and people will tell you where to go.
      • Best advice is to look for directions online before you head down here.
      • In terms of roads, Highway 413 will take you everywhere you need to go.
      • Just remember to rent a nice SUV as the roads are rocky. Otherwise, get ready for a bumpy ride!
  • As with anywhere, you need to earn respect from the locals.
  • Puerto Ricans are a hot-blooded breed that loves a good laugh and sincere people.
  • Be respectful and they may invite you to surf with them at some local hidden spots!

Area Guide

If you’re looking for an exotic surrounding, Puerto Rico will not disappoint you. On the northwestern side of the island 76391_4321976132849_1772172337_nwhere we usually go, Rincon, Isabella and Aguadilla are still not very commercialized.  You can often stumble upon a quiet beach with only the softest sand and the clearest water all to yourself.

If you go during the rainy season, do expect heavy spells of rain momentarily that bring about some gorgeous rainbows.



Located on the northwestern side of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla is a major city where the Rafael Hernandez Airport (BQN) is located. BQN is less crowded and busy to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) in San Juan. Overall, Aguadilla offers regional class surf breaks, very laid-back beaches, and accommodations.


Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, PR, has clear green wave, making surfing and diving more enjoyable!

Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, PR, has clear green wave, making surfing and diving more enjoyable!


About 40 minutes from BQN, Rincon offers activities for people of all ages. Rincon has been known as a surfing town since 1968 when a major surfing competition was held at the town.  With its world-class break and many regional surfing beaches, Rincon is heaven for many east coasters from the US.



Crashboat Beach (Aguadilla)

A calm surfing beach with soft sand, Crashboat has a short boardwalk with local food vendors selling their treats.  In addition, there are two restaurants and a bar right next to the beach.  There are snorkeling and standup paddling gear available for rent from Aquatica Dive And Surf which is right on the beach. You should try out some stand up paddling (SUP) or scuba diving on a calm day at this spot. The water is usually extremely clean and clear. Many locals and tourists love to sip on beers out in the shallow waters by the shore, finding respite from the hot Caribbean sun.

Close by many bars and restaurants. Great for surfing or just hanging out!

Close by many bars and restaurants. Great for surfing or just hanging out!

Directions: On Route 173, follow the Playa Crashboat sign and turn right.  After 10 minutes of hilly roads, you will pass by an empanada shop on the right and then the parking lot will be to your left.

Sandy Beach (Rincon)

This is a family-friendly beach that offers a sand bottom. It’s a good surfing beach for all levels when it is small.  When is breaking over chest high, the current here can be really strong.  Sandy Beach is next to some of the most famous restaurants and bars in Rincon including Tamboo (Pointe) and Casa Verde.  Expect bar hoppers and beach parties!  It is a great surfing beach when is breaking.  Heavily beach break.  Also check Parking lot, Antonio’s, and Pool’s for beach sandy breaks. Below are some of great surfing breaks.

Directions: Located on Carretera 413 Ramal, you will take PR-115 and go to PR-413.  This will eventually become Cll Miramar then Carretera 413 Ramal.  You can park along the street then just go through Tamboo to get to the beach.


We surfed at multiple locations in north / northwestern of Puerto Rico. Rincon is the most popular town with more crowded beaches.  Aguadilla and Isabella offer a variety of breaks with fewer surfers.  However, this also means you will encounter more localism in the latter areas as a result.

We will only talk about a few memorable surf spots:

One of the most popular beach for beach goers and surfers

One of the most popular beach for beach goers and surfers

Maria’s (Rincon)

Quality: regional classic

Type: reef-rocky

Direction: left and right

Swell: north, northwest, west

Wind: south, southeast, east

Tide: more protected break

Tube: hollow, long and powerful

Level: all, lessons available for beginners by the beach

Consistency: good in winter

Surfing tip: The best and safest way to get into this rocky and shallow shore: standing by the parking lot entrance, surfers can paddle in and out by a line of shallow rocks on the left by the surf school stand.  Current will take you out to either to the left (more tube kind of break) of the beach or right to the Point of Maria’s for bigger and sloppier kind of surf.

Maria’s is always a crowd favorite spot whether you are a surfer or just a drinker in Rincon.  Calypso Restaurant and its little surf shop downstairs are great for after surfing.  Gorgeous people hang out here, so get ready to people watch!

Note: Extremely crowded on weekends.  Watch out for sea urchins, rip currents and rocks, especially near the shallow shore. Respect local surfers and enjoy the great bars and cafés by the beach!

Directions: Take Route 413 and go left at El Faro.  After about ¼ mile, turn into a large parking lot with a restaurant building on the left.

Dome, Rincon, PR

Dome, Rincon, PR, can be a fun break to surf. When Maria’s is not working. Try Dome.

Dome  (Rincon)

Quality: world-class surf

Type: point-break

Direction: right

Swell: northeast/northwest Swell

Wind: southeast

Tide: mid to high tide

Level: experienced surfers

Consistency: occasionally but great when breaking

Note: Heavy local spot.  Watch out for rip currents and rocks, it can be tricky to get in due to rip currents. Busy on weekend. Contest in February.  It is a great break if you are respectful to the locals.  When is it breaking well, it is long and very fun to carve.

Directions: Off Route 413 past Maria’s Beach as well as the lighthouse.  Follow a large and old nuclear dome and park in the parking lot next the dome by the beach.



Indicator  (Rincon)

Quality: regional classic

Type: reef-rocky

Direction: right

Swell: north, northwest, west

Wind: south, southeast , east

Tide: high tide only

Tube: hollow, short and powerful

Level: experienced surfers

Consistency: occasionally but great when is breaking

Note: It is sheltered by the Lighthouse.  Therefore, the break always have bigger and better when it’s windy. Perfect right with long sloppy and uncrowded wave.

Caution: heavy local spot, reef bottom

Directions: off Route 413 past Maria’s Beach, and a parking lot by a cliff can be seen on your left before the lighthouse.  We respect local surfers, therefore, please ask locals about how to get down there!

Surfers Beach (Aguadilla)



Quality: regional classic

Type: reef-rocky

Direction: left and right

Swell: all directions ok

Wind: south, southeast, east

Tide: all tide

Tube: fun

Level: all level

Consistency: very consistent

Note: Aguadilla is not so touristy; therefore, locals are super friendly if you are!

Directions: input Surf Zone surf shop on your GPS.  On Route 107 go west past the air base on your left and when you reach Surf Zone, go through the metal gate and drive down the hill.   You will see the ocean on your left and there will be a muddy road in front of you.  Keep going but avoid the large potholes. You will see the parking area up front, often with many friendly local surfers.

Wilderness, Aguadilla, PR

Wilderness, Aguadilla, PR, is a beautiful spot if you can find it. When it is big, it is fun. Be careful of rocks.

Wilderness (Aquadilla)

Quality: regional classic

Type: reef-rocky

Direction: left and right

Swell: north, northwest, southwest

Wind: south, southeast, northeast

Tide: all tide

Tube: fast and powerful

Level: experienced surfers

Consistency: good in winter

Note: Watch out for sea urchins, rip currents and rocks, especially near the shallow shore.  There’s  1 keyhole to get into the beach. It’s shallow reefs and rock around everywhere else. Current tend to pull surfers out to the left when paddle out.  Otherwise, it is a very very fun and sloppy wave.

Directions: Off from Route 107, you will see palm trees and a large golf course on your right (if driving from the east). Turn into the golf course and drive through it.  You will come a rocky but grassy driveway where you will see the ocean in front of you.  Keep on driving and turn left, you will past an old monument that will eventually lead to a more open beach. Park by the beach area where there are fewer trees.  You can paddle out by the rocks, but be careful of the rocky bottom.

Equipment Rental

Equipment rental

Surf Zone Surf Shop: Equipment rental


Surf Zone Surf and Skate

We booked a Takeyama surfboard before we arrived.  We drove about 10-15 minutes from Aguadilla Airport, got our board soon after and bought a few surf items at very good prices.  It is an easy access shop with many types of equipments to rent.  On the day of departure PR, We dropped the board off before the surf shop was open due to our early morning flight.  The surf shop had no problem and made things super easy.

Aquatica Dive and Surf

We rented a SUP by Crashboat beach and made friends with the owner/tour guide.  They are hardcore boogie boarders and know north/ northwestwern PR very well.  Super friendly and provide you with diving, snorkeling, SUP equipments on the beach!


Hotwavz Surf and Dive Shop

Ruin, Aguadilla

Ruin, Aguadilla

Literally right on Maria’s beach in front of Calypso Café, Hotwavz has surfboards and boogie boards for rent. You can also sign up for surf lessons right on the beach!

Mar Azul

Located on 413 hightway after Puntas Bakery/ Happy Bowel, it is a shop that has completed collection of surfboards for rent to sale.  Reasonable price and great service.  If you dont want to bring a surfboard with you, this will be your best option to rent/buy for all surfers (especially intermediate to advance surfers).  They also sell your board for you.  Mar Azul has apartment rental as well.

Food / Drink

Aguadilla: One Ten Thai ($$, reservation), Cacina Creativa ($$, Local), Restaurante Fufu ($$)

Rincon:La Cambija ($$, Local), Shipwreck ($$$), Jack’s Food Truck ($, yummy organic food truck, vegetarian friendly), Calypso Café($$, sunset, night life), Tamboo ($$, View +night life, great after 10pm on Friday and Satauraday), Casa Verde($$, night life great after dinner time), The Beach House ($$, Sunset + Night Life), and English Rose ($$, amazing breakfast/lunch, it’s also a hotel with a view)

Events/ Places

  • English Breakfast at RIncon

    English Breakfast at RIncon

    Artwalk at Downtown Rincon every Thursday

  • Dance on Friday nights: Casa Verde from 8 to 11 and Tamboo afterward if you are into meeting boys and girls, and dance your night away
  • Sunday at Calypso for life music
  • Tuesday/Saturday at the Beach House for life music and some dancing and Taco Tuesday
  • Weekend brunch at English Rose up the hill at Route 413
  • January/ February are months of surfing Contests
  • Contact SurfMeiMei@gmail.com for more local info
  • Beste sunset: Calypso and Villa Confresi (Try their coconut Rum drink)
  • Every last Sunday of the month, Boomba (Afr-Puerto Rican) music and dance performance at Joe’s bar (MUST SEE)
  • San Sebastian Secrete Waterfall in North West of Puerto Rico.  Perfect when there’s no surf and you are up at Aguada/Aguadilla Area
  • Ruin by Wilderness, Agauadilla, is a great place to take photos and understand some local history.  On weekends, you will see many motorcross bikers come here to have some fun.


wannasurf.com; surfline.com; swellinfo.com; yelp.com


Maria's Beach, Feb 2015 Photo: Giorgio Rollo

Maria’s Beach, Feb 2015
Photo: Giorgio Rollo



Surf Guide: Rincon and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Last updated: Feb 2015

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