How to: Clean your Hair with Vinegar

Vinegar is famous as a natural cleanser.

Not only you can use pure vinegar to clean your wetsuits, you can also prevent dandruff from cleaning your hair with vinegar.  As a surfer, sun and salt water can be harsh on our hair and scalp.  Many commercial shampoo and condition leave residue on our scalp and hair.  Together with constant sun tanning while surfing, leaving surfers a higher chance to get dandruff.   From my experience, cleaning with vinegar leaving my hair ultra smooth, refreshing feeling on the scalp, and no need to my hair comb it at all.

I do not always clean my hair with vinegar because of its smell, but I try to do it once a week to every other week.


2 cups of Apple Vinegar per use

2 cups of tab water per use

2 drops of Rosemary (soothing your scalp and make it smell better) per use



Day 1

Mix 2 cups of Apple Vinegar with 2 drops of Rosemary essence

After Shampooing, slowly put the mixture down to your scalp to the end of your hair.

Your scalp might have tinkling sensation, your hair should become smooth right away.  Add more vinegar if it’s needed.

Use conditioner as usual

Day 2 and onward

Mix 2 cups of Apple Vinegar + 2 cups of water + 2 drops of Rosemary essence

BEFORE Shampoo, pour the mixture from the scalp to end of the hair

Shampoo if desired

Condition as usual

Note: I use pure vinegar once every two weeks to do a “major” cleaning.  I don’t like the smell of vinegar, so I always wash it off with shampoo.  The result is better without shampooing after, since shampoo is what gives the built-up on our scalp and hair.

Vinegar can naturally clean off our sweat and dirt from our scalp and hair without leaving any chemical built up.  It will gives our hair a natural shine.  Dilute vinegar with water if you wish to wash your hair everyday.


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